What is the cheapest Rolex and how much does it cost?

Owning a Rolex watch – any Rolex watch – is a symbol of prestige many people will subtly find and understand. This means that owning a particularly rare or expensive Rolex can have a greater impact, but it also means that even the cheapest or easiest-to-find Rolexes can convey luxury without a word.
Rolex watches are among the most precisely crafted, researched, and historically perfected timepieces. Although Rolex was founded in London, it is largely a Swiss watchmaker that benefits from and contributes to the sophistication of the Swiss watchmaking industry due to the timing of its headquarters in Geneva. Authentic Watches
A large part of what makes Rolex watches so expensive is that they contain many components that require much effort to manufacture. Some of the materials used in Rolex imitation watches are unique to Rolex’s creations.
Cerachrom – a hard, scratch-resistant ceramic material developed and patented by Rolex. Thanks to Rolex research and development, it can carry two colors, creating iconic two-tone bezels such as the red and blue “Pepsi” watches.
Oyster Steel – More than just an odd name, Oyster Steel is a super steel alloy exclusive to the Rolex brand. Part of the 904L steel family, Oyster steel is commonly used in heat exchangers and piping equipment and is often used in aerospace and pollution control applications. It has excellent corrosion resistance, and perhaps most importantly for Rolex, it looks great when polished and retains an exceptional luster.
Gold Alloy – Rolex controls the manufacturing process of the precious metals used in its watches, which means it can ensure each model’s precise composition and finish. Rolex uses alloys consisting of 750,000 pure gold with the necessary mixture of silver and copper to make white, yellow, and rose gold. Everyone is a form of rose gold unique to Rolex and owes its existence to this strict control by Rolex.
Other advances, such as the Parachrom used to make replica Rolex hairsprings, were made possible through the combined efforts of Rolex metallurgists and engineers.
All of these developments, combined with the hand-crafted complexity and conscious attention to detail that makes fake Rolex watches water-resistant and resilient over generations, mean that buying a Rolex is very different from buying a regular watch.