How to travel with your luxury watches?

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What concerns do I have about being a solo traveler with a vintage replica watch when I travel? Well, I often deal with heavy, ungainly luggage, or I’m in tight, crowded places like subways, buses, or cabs. And then there are the immovable, marginal airplane armrests

These are potential dangers to an old watch with a fragile crystal that may have cracked. Am I overthinking this? Absolutely, but I always come back to owning multiple watches, so why take a chance on a watch that may not be up to the task? On rare occasions, I go for vintage, usually old Speedmaster or Rolex – they feel more solid to me. Or I choose a reissue watch that will offer the same vintage feel but with modern specs.
I know there is a lot of interest in storing watches while traveling. I don’t because I don’t have the space for a large, bulky hard case. Typically, I use a simple watch pouch or an old leather copy watch roll that I purchased from DECAMP. I like to use something slim to fit whatever I carry. If I need more protection, I might go with an old Oakley round zippered case or a red Omega service case. These are small enough, but they are still a bit bulky.
An in-room hotel safe seems very important when it comes to storage at your destination. Is this the perfect solution? Absolutely not, as the hotel can open it anytime, but I admit that I’ve never had a problem with it. The safe is a deterrent, and unless the hotel staff has observed what you are wearing and noticed a change, I think it’s better than locking things in a suitcase. What I don’t like is that these safes are often on top of the hotel mini-fridge and can feel like an oven inside. Another problem is that I often put my laptop in the safe, and if the space isn’t wide enough, it forces me to consider putting my watch on the laptop. This feels like an opportunity to magnetize.
You’re going on vacation where it’s warm and food and drink will be plentiful? Absolutely! I always carry a spring bar tool for when I need it! I always carry a spring bar tool for my watches for bracelets that lack an easy fine adjustment system. In addition, I carry a number of strap options. It’s an easy way to add variety to your travels without adding to your watch. And depending on the watch, it can make it more formal or less formal.
It’s tempting to take a bunch of replica watches with you wherever you go – especially if you’re in the early stages of your watch-collecting journey. It’s fun to have so many options on your trip, and if you attend a party, it can even feel like a “payoff” when you let other collectors see a imitation watch in person for the first time. However, there are also many risks. If you’re traveling on business or supporting some sort of brand-led retrospective, do it openly and honestly. Consider insurance and have the correct documentation for the transit. Anything else is a gamble.